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Johnathon and Andrew

November 18th, 2010

This submissive backside lover just can’t wait to get his tight butthole stretched out! This sexed up gay couple is chilling out at home, and the horny bottom is getting his booty stretched out with a variety of vegetables, including a large cucumber and a banana. The cocksucker jerks off his pathetic little diddle while his dominant boyfriend inserts his butthole with whatever comes to hand. The submissive bottom stud also takes a hard assfucking fucking and then sucks his boy off the rest of the way. He takes his guy’s shlong in his mouth and swallows his prick to the base, eagerly mouthing out that sweet cum and swallowing it down as fast as he can.

Johnathon and Benoit

November 13th, 2010

These horny gay guys are running riot! Dirty bottom John picks up straight acting stallion Benoit at a gay bar and brings him back to his house for some nasty fun. At first, John is worried that Benoit isn’t in to it, but as soon as John strips off and starts showing off that rock hard prick, Ben can’t resist and gets naked too. The couple have some fun sticking things up John’s booty, then Ben’s, and then John rides Ben’s large pole, while Ben has a booty plug inserted inside him! Ben comes right inside John’s butt and loses interest, so poor horny John is left to jerk himself off the rest of the way by himself.


November 11th, 2010

These preppy stallions hook up in the locker room after football practice, then they head back to one man’s house to continue their nasty fun in private. As soon as they get inside, they strip off, kissing passionately and rubbing their dongs together. One dude gets down on his knees to submissively fellate his new friend, and they alternate around for some sloppy oral pumping. One dude is begging for it in his ass, so he mounts his stud and lowers his sphincter down on that hard pole. His booty is firm, but he really wants it, and he somehow manages to cram some more dirty rod into his tight gay backside. His stud cums right in his bum.


November 6th, 2010

Dirty gay fucker Cedrik is back once again and this time he’s got a hot blond dude in his porn studio. The two mans start off the episode by sitting on a red leather couch while they get comfortable with one another. Cedrik, always the ringleader, strips off nude and lets the blond stud appreciate his tore abs and throbbing manhood. The blond man turns out to be a weiner hungry cocksucker, and he hungrily buries Cedrik’s shlong down his throat. He gets naked and both mans take turns fellating each other. Then the blond stud lies on his back and Cedrik buries his prick into his booty, while blond jerks himself off all over his own stomach.


November 4th, 2010

Horny stud Cedrik is back, this time with a bookish looking blond dude. He is wearing a turtleneck and looks quite uptight, but once Cedrik gets nude and exhibits his proud rod, the blond doesn’t hesitate to suck that rigid prick to the base. He is a horny and experienced cocksucker and he gives Cedrik some fantastic oral service. There’s some horny mutual oral cocksucking, and it turns out that Cedrik is the more submissive dude of the two. He starts to worship the blond stud’s pecker, eventually burying it in his own backside and riding it like a cowboy. He shoots his load all over blond’s surprised face, and then blondie jerks himself off.


Oktober 30th, 2010

Young guy Cedrik has picked up again, and this time it’s a beefy construction worker. This stud might be a little bit dumb and a little bit overweight but he’s playful in a bearish kind of way and he’s got a nice dick that Cedrik wants to suck. However the submissive construction man wants to suck Cedrik’s prick before he will let Cedrik touch his own. He proves to be an expert dicksucker, driving Cedrik to the point almost cumming in his mouth, so Cedrik pushes him away. Nasty Cedrik sticks a finger in the construction guy’s rump while he blows him, soon followed by his prick until he’s passionate rump banging this man until he shoots his spunk.


Oktober 28th, 2010

Prodigious gay fucker Cedrik has scored at the gay bar once again. He gets this hot young twink back to his house. The poor dude is really nervous, almost shaking, and so Cedrik just sits back and the two studs take some time to get comfortable with one another. Once he feels more at home in the situation, the young twink turns out to be an eager manhood sucker, flicking his face against Cedrik’s dirty y-fronts before he blows him. The punk has got a great sixpack that looks fantastic as he bobs up and down on Cedrik’s pole. Cedrik tongues the stud’s anus, sliding his hot tool into his butt. The mans butt is really firm and Cedrik creams quick.

Anthony Artious and Jacob Little

Oktober 23rd, 2010

This rich gay guy is having a bit of trouble with his computer, so he gets on the phone and calls up his local computer repairman. He is a little taken aback when he opens the door, and there’s this long haired hunk standing in front of him – he’d been expecting some nerdy computer geek, and instead he gets this hot, strapping guy. It’s not long before they give each other the cruising glance and the submissive computer stud drops to his knees, pulling his employer’s rod out of his pants and starting to suck gingerly. The studs get fully nude and lie down on the couch for a xxx throat pounding 69 before some hard core rectal sex.

Anthony Artious and Damien Wallace

Oktober 21st, 2010

This gay dude is sitting at home by himself groping horny, so he gets on an Internet chat site and picks up a local gym bunny. His dong gets hard as soon as this guy knocks on his door and he sees how hot and muscley he is. They move inside to the couch and soon they are locked in a steamy 69, thrusting their poles down each others‘ throats until they make each other gag. The gym guy loves to get banged in the rump, so he lies on his back with his legs pulled up and his partner starts to rut him in the rump hole. While the gym guy jerks himself off, his friend taps that booty until he blows all over his buddy’s stomach – this is hot!

Damien Wallace and Jeremy London

Oktober 16th, 2010

Two horny studs bang up at the apartment for some hardcore gate cocksucking. They both are nervous at first, having just met through an Internet chat site, but they soon loosen up and start to 69 on the couch. One man has had a itch in his anus that he just can’t scratch, so he invites his friend to lube him up and to tap that ass raw. The guy slides his bareback manhood right in that backside, and they go through several different anal sex positions, including one stud riding and then taking it doggy. When they ejaculate, they spurt in their flatmate’s old pizza, hoping that he eats it later on. That will serve him right for being straight!

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